JANA ELCO publishes authors including Susan Cady Allred, Cathleen Grace, Alli Riggs, S. Cady Allred, C. Cady Fowler, Peggy Kendall, Mathew Cady, Jana Mason, and Brynn Lee. 

Our books include mysteries, thrillers, suspense, romance, contemporary sweet romance, urban fantasy, memoirs, self-guided journals, and creative nonfiction books for young adults and adults.

Brynn Lee, sweet and sassy romance author
Author Alli Riggs, writer of paranormal, urban fantasy, and science fiction novels
Mathew Cady, Author of sports stories
Self-Guided Journals

Susan Cady, author of nonfiction stories from the heart

EM Taylor, nonfiction writer

Susan Cady Allred, authors or mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and chillers

Cathleen Grace, owner of Whodunnit Mysteries, and author of nonfiction, sweet romance, and cozy mysteries

Jana Mason, author of clean reverse harem, romantic suspense, dark romance, and any other gritty romance with and edge

Millie Wells, inspirational nonfiction author

Scattered Records, genealogy and indexing-based nonfiction books