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About JANA ELCO Publishing, LLC

JANA ELCO Publishing, LLC is a publishing company that focuses on quality writing and creating family-friendly stories and worlds our readers will escape into.

Genres include nonfiction, mystery, suspense, thriller, sweet/clean romance, urban fantasy, self-guided journals, sci-fi, and more.

  • Cijay

    "This story grips you from the very beginning. The characters are damaged, yet took the pain they lived with, to fight on for the good! Rather than give away the plot, I will simply say, this is a must read for all those who enjoy strong characters and story lines. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author."

  • Deborah Foley

    "I enjoyed reading this one. Allred’s first person POV was well written. I was able to “see” each scene without being bogged down with too many descriptors. She seemed to find the perfect balance. There is some clean romance but the action and mystery dominate the story with a surprise twist at the end."

  • Melanie Mason

    "I couldn’t put the book down. Even when I needed to go to bed I wanted to finish it! It was a fantastic story from beginning to end."