Susan Cady, author of inspirational nonfiction books

Susan Cady, author of inspirational nonfiction
Author Bio: 
Susan Cady is the author of more than 30 books on a variety of different pen names including Susan Cady Allred (mystery/suspense/thrillers), Alli Riggs (urban fantasies & speculative fiction), Brynn Lee (sweet romances), Jana Mason (clean reverse harem romances), and S. Cady Allred (family history and journals). 
More importantly, Susan is the mother and advocate for four amazingly children who have had conditions including heart defects, Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, anxiety, and depression. She writes about her experiences as a mother with her children and hopes that these books are the books that change the world and society's view of ability and what to value in individuals. 
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Read on Kindle Vella: Take Your Condolences & Shove It
Read Take Your Condolences and Shove it! A nonfiction story about a mothers love for her son with Down syndrome
Other books she's written with disability representation: