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Road to Nowhere: A High Stakes YA Suspense Thriller (Courting Disaster book 5)

Road to Nowhere: A High Stakes YA Suspense Thriller (Courting Disaster book 5)

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Catch them if you can...

Being on the run is exhausting. Especially when you're running a black-ops spy agency and everyone is depending on you to keep them alive. 

Main Tropes

  • Child Genius
  • Evil Nemesis
  • Taking Down a Corrupt Government
  • Diverse Cast of Characters
  • Going into Hiding
  • Found Family


Being on the run is exhausting. Especially when you're the one running a black-ops spy agency and everyone is depending on you to keep them alive. Even if they don't know how close to death they really are.

18-year-old Kat Dagger thinks she has finally found a solution to her 10-year-old boss being blackmailed by the government. But it means disappearing from the planet forever. And how do you get someone to disappear when everyone around you is trained to find the unfindables?

It's now or never. The wheels are set in motion and nothing can stop them. Can they get enough distance from the A.G.E.N.C.Y. before their world crumbles around them? And can they finally put Simon to rest once and for all?

If you like explosive stories, strong female protagonists, witty dialogue, and a diverse cast of characters, you'll sink your teeth into the Courting Disaster series. Perfect for fans of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider, Ally Carter's Embassy Row, Julie Moffett's White Knights Series, and Jillian Dodd's Spy Girl series.

Intro Into Chapter 1

Check. Check. Check.


Mom, me, and Jacob sit in the back of the armored Suburban in an exhausted stupor. Kenny's up front driving, singing along to VoicePlay—some acapella group he discovered off YouTube. I try not to laugh as he screeches when he tries to hit the super-high notes and goes into coughing fits when he tries to hit the super-low notes. The entertainment of watching him is the only thing keeping me awake right now.

Mom and Jake have already fallen into unconsciousness. But the events of the last week keep running through my mind, keeping me from going to sleep.

The checklist of events begins to scroll again:

Attacked by a tank? Check.

Catch the mole? Check.

Murdered mole? Check.

Blown up house… again? Check.

Aleasha Summers goes AWOL and finds the brother she thought was dead? Check.

Simon on the hunt… AGAIN? Double check.

Now we're being moved to A.G.E.N.C.Y. headquarters. The REAL headquarters. Not the one they'd been telling us for the past seven years was headquarters.

The exhaustion is beginning to win. My eyelids feel like they're a hundred pounds. I feel like I'm living in a soap opera, waiting for my character to be killed off for the sake of the story.

But I have a plot twist of my own. I'm getting out of this place, and I'm gonna take down the A.G.E.N.C.Y. when I do it.

I glance at my phone one more time, checking the location of the Summers kids, and Kat and Henry's team. They should be intersecting soon.

Except when I touch the screen to illuminate it, it only says: OUT OF SERVICE.

I scrunch my brows together then call to Kenny. "Hey, does your phone have service?"

"Uh…" He picks up his phone, touches the screen, then shakes his head. "We must be in a dead spot."

I look around me. Farmland with rolling hills, wide open planes, and a cell tower at the top of one of the hills.

"That doesn't make sense," I say, pointing to the tower.

Kenny shrugs, seemingly unaffected. "Maybe there's a glitch. We can make a call at the next stop."

I try to swallow down the unsettled feeling in my stomach and nod. Yeah. Sure. It's just a glitch.

Because that's my kind of luck.


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