Susan Cady Allred: Mysteries, Thrillers and Suspense

Susan Cady Allred, author of two teen spy thriller series, and more than thirty books
Author Bio: 

Author Susan Cady Allred lives in Washington state with her husband, children and a cat dubbed Satan. She prefers binge-reading over binge-watching, enjoys the outdoors, and loves a good laugh.

She currently writes mystery, suspense, and thrillers under this name, writes sweet romances under the pen name Brynn Lee, nonfictions under the name Susan Allred, urban fantasies under the pen name Alli Riggs, and Kindle Vellas as Jana Mason.

Kindle Vellas: 
Under the Radar (adult thriller)



            Under the radar suspenseful thriller about a cop working undercover whose cover is blown and must find a place to lay low until he can figure out what happened. He goes to his dead wife's best friend's house only to discover she is running from bad guys too.
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