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Unleashed: A Teen Spy Thriller (Audiobook)

Unleashed: A Teen Spy Thriller (Audiobook)

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One town.
One bully.
One girl determined to stop it all.

Main Tropes

  • Teen spy
  • Bully
  • Teen Romance/Love Triangle
  • Fake Boyfriend
  • Undercover Mission
  • Secret Spy Organization


Her father made her a spy. The agency gave her purpose. Will her first assignment be her last?

hey said her family died in a car accident.

17-year-old Aleasha Summers believed them.


Handsome Drew Jacobson gave her proof that her father was actually the Director of a black-ops spy agency, and was training her to take his place. Now she works for the A.G.E.N.C.Y. and wants to know more about her dad's secret life.

But while she's searching, she's given her first mission at a high school where violence has run rampant. She immediately blows the mission and lands squarely in the cross hairs of the person she was sent to implicate.

Now Drew must step in to complete the mission while Aleasha fends off increasingly more brutal attacks and protects her classmates from a girl whose viciousness inflicts terror on everyone around her.

Intro to Chapter 1

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