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Cocoa and Kisses: Small Town Second Chance Sweet Romance Novel

Cocoa and Kisses: Small Town Second Chance Sweet Romance Novel

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Sierra's home for the holidays, and Dustin wants her back.


Main Tropes

  • Second Chance
  • Small Town
  • Sweet Romance (Just Kissing!)
  • Sports
  • Christmas/Winter Themed
  • Single Father


Cocoa and Kisses is a small town second chance sweet romance filled with witty banter, steamy kisses, and the perfect happily ever after!

Curl up this holiday season with this fun and feisty Christmas holiday romance.

Intro Into Chapter 1

Sierra parked her car in front of her mom’s old Victorian home and took a deep breath to brace herself.

It was only Thanksgiving. She could handle a few days back in this small town, couldn’t she? It wasn't like all her memories were bad, just her most recent ones.

After living in Seattle for three years, it was hard to transition back to good ‘ol Walla Walla, Washington’s small-town living. Thank goodness it was only temporary.

A gush of air bit her face when she opened her car door, making her long for the temperate weather of Seattle.

She pulled the collar of her cashmere sweater closer to her chin and popped the trunk, hoping to get her luggage inside and out of the cold before she shivered.

One suitcase was out of the trunk when her little sister, Katlynn burst through the house’s front door and squealed.

Katlynn bound down the stairs and ran for her big sister, slipped on a patch of ice, and caught her balance before she continued her rush toward Sierra.

Katlynn’s dark brown hair swayed from side to side in its ponytail
as she ran, and her white, toothy grin engulfed her face before she bear-hugged Sierra.

“I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve missed you!” Katlynn kissed Sierra on the cheek, then loosened her hug.

Sierra wobbled in place, her eyes wide from shock. “I, uh, missed you too. You’ve grown since summer.”

Katlynn grinned. “Yeah. They’ve had me in weight training for volleyball and basketball. I’ve
put on a few pounds of muscle this year.”

“D’ya think?”

Katlynn wagged her brows. “It’s my senior year, so I wanna make an impression.”

“Oh, you’ll make an impression. All the way to the emergency

Katlynn snickered. “Just as long as the ref doesn’t card me for it.”

“Katlynn Rae!”

“What? A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Either kill or be killed.” Katlynn grabbed one of Sierra’s suitcases in each hand and started toward the house.

“Is that what your coach says?” Sierra called after her. “Well, no, but that’s the reality of basketball these days. It’s gotten rougher since you were in high school.”

Sierra closed the trunk of her car and followed Katlynn to the house. “We’ll see. I’ll be watching you from the bleachers tonight.”

“Really?” Katlynn squealed again. “That’ll be awesome!” “Be sure to
score some points for me.”

Katlynn smirked. “I’ve got it in the

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