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About the Author: 

Mathew Cady has lived in the Pacific Northwest for close to 45 years and draws from that environment and his background to shape his writing projects, including the hilarious experiences of being raised in a large family and raising five children of his own. 

He graduated from Washington State University as a mechanical engineer and it shows in his scientific approach in a number of his projects. 

He has been published in a series of short stories depicting his childhood but his interests draws him near and far as he explores a variety of genres that allow him to express multiple facets of personality.


Mariners 195-1 Fantasy Baseball:
The Best Games of the Season From the Seattle Mariners Lifetime Record

If you could choose one game on each day that the Mariners have ever played, then created a season, what would their record look like?

By combining his lifelong passion for Mariners baseball with his knack for crunching numbers, statistics, and attention to detail, Mathew Cady has reviewed every baseball game from every year the Mariners have played. First, he selected games with significance to the baseball community or to the Mariners themselves, and second, he chose major performances by the team or individual players. Then he compiled the statistics for this fantasy season both by month and for the year. 

Relive your memories as you read interviews from players regarding their emotions and thoughts during these historic games, memories significant to Mathew, and other morsels of trivia and history surrounding the Mariners and their history.

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