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Welcome to Susan Cady Allred's Author Page. 

I write teen and adult mysteries, thrillers, suspense, and action/adventure novels under this pen name. All my books are PG-13 rated or younger. No sex. Some swearing (no F-bombs), and some violence - though not highly detailed. (They're spies! It's gonna happen!)

If you like urban fantasy, check out my Alli Riggs Books. 

If you like nonfiction I write under the name Susan Allred, and S. Cady Allred.

And if you like sweet romance (just kissing - no sex or swearing) I write under the pen name Brynn Lee. 

You can find all of my books under one roof here. 

Feel free to poke around see what I have to offer. I'm never NOT writing, so I'm adding to my list several times a year!

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